Lynne Jackson and Mike Palter - The Dodo Statement

Lynne Jackson and Mike Palter

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We sometimes wonder - Lynne and I - why it seems almost impossible to hear gentle music, tender music, romantic and melodious music on our radio. We wonder why everything seems so loud, so alienated and angry. Maybe it's just us.


But we still wonder why the lyrics of contemporary pop songs are largely unintelligible and tinged with violence. Maybe it has something to do with drugs and how violent "things" have become on television ... on the streets ... in the home.

And at rock concerts.
Where music is performed.

Now here we are, once again, real DODOS, climbing out of our moldy time capsule to warble the sublime refrains of George Gershwin and Harold Arlen, of Cole Porter and Stephen Sondheim, to sing the clear lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman and Dave Frishberg and Lorenz Hart.

No question about it,
We're out of step.
And dumb.

But we still wonder why we can't walk into our local record store without being assaulted by ear splitting noise. And we wonder why non-assaultive music is labeled "middle of the road" ... as if music has something to do with grades of concrete.

And why music that requires a brain is called "easy listening" while music that requires no brain at all is called "hard".

And why (to quote a record industry executive) people over forty "simply don't count."

Maybe we're just too dumb to worry about all of this. Just plain dumb.


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